5 Fab Fashion Photography Tips

Fashion is all about glitz and glamour. Models, beautiful clothes, heavy makeup are just among the many elements in a fashion shoot. Although the concept sounds as beautiful as its subjects, the workload isn’t exactly as lite as they are. Fashion photography is all about presenting the already exquisite to be more glorious and various techniques for that.

Look for Inspiration

The first among the different fashion photography tips is finding and looking for inspiration for the photoshoot. The themes vary, depending on the purpose or the feel of the client. In fashion, the key is to be as elegant as possible, and ideas for such could come from anywhere: a nature-theme could be enhanced by making it a wild-nature one, while a princess-regal theme could be enriched by putting different rudiments such as diamonds or the emphasis of the colour purple. Also, the photographer must have a vision of what he wants to achieve, for this is the main basis of what the photos will look like. If the photographer has a cluttered idea, the photoshoot will probably end up unsuccessful.

Find the Right Models

The role of models is probably the most important in the many fashion photography tips. Finding a model for a fashion shoot is not easy because there are appropriate looks intended for different types of shoots. One model’s facial feature may not exactly go along with what the photographer has in mind; that is why choosing the right one is essential because if the right model has been selected from the start, it will save the photographer from wasted time and energy. However, the aspect of models does not end there. Directing them is also difficult because, unlike in portrait photography, the model is not just the subject. Still, it’s important to emphasize what she is modelling, such as clothes, makeup, or shoes. It is vital that the photographer properly instruct the model on how to flaunt the products without losing attention on her – and this is not easy. The challenge there is to simultaneously exhibit both the model and the product, and this can be achieved by the right combinations of mix and match.

Take Advantage of Make-up Artists

Also, having, if not the best, then at least competent makeup artists are an advantage. Makeup artists are columns to the temple of fashion photography. They must be knowledgeable and experienced enough to adapt to the kind of theme that the photography wants to achieve because when they set the models’ faces, they are somehow setting the mood of the fashion image itself.

Have Great Lighting

Moreover, the most technical aspect of fashion photography is the lighting because it greatly affects the feeling of the image. If the lighting is dark, it will give off a dramatic feel to the photo, and this is not exactly what one wants to achieve in a rainbow-themed photo shoot. It is important, therefore, to set the right lights. For instance, in nature-themed photo shoots, the use of artificial lights is limited as much as possible, while dim lights are used when achieving a night look for a photoshoot.

Develop Your Style

The simplest among the fashion photography tips is to develop one’s style. Style varies with each photographer; while some like minimalist or safe themes, some go to the extremes. The key here is finding what suits you and what’s comfortable for you. It is not just about presenting the glitz and glamour of fashion but illustrating one’s art through the medium of fashion photography.

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