Best Free Wedding Photography Contract Templates

Looking for a template for a contract for your next wedding? A written agreement between you and your client will ensure that everyone is clear about what to expect during the entire process. To avoid any misunderstandings, it is good for your clients to sign a contract. We will be sharing the top free templates for wedding photography contracts that you can use to create written agreements with your clients.

Why every wedding photographer needs a contract?

A written agreement is a smart way for photographers to protect themselves againstĀ liability. If you don’t clearly state your clients’ expectations, there will be confusion about overpayment and timelines.

The contract you create will make the whole process more enjoyable for you and your client.

The following are common elements of a basic contract for wedding photography:

  • Contact information and names for the groom and bride
  • This case contains a detailed description and photos of the service rendered.
  • The breakdown of fees (including deposits) and the payment schedule
  • Date, time, and place of the ceremony and reception
  • This information outlines who owns the rights to the photos that you take. Do you give clients all rights or just proofs? What are their rights to the photos?
  • Information to release a model that allows you to use photos taken in your portfolio for advertising purposes.
  • Both parties must sign

Although you could make your wedding photography contract, you will need to use these templates to save time. These templates can be used as-is, or you can let them inspire your creations.


Instead of using the term “contract”, which could have negative connotations and be confusing, this template is called a “Wedding Photography Agreement.” PetaPixel has done a great job explaining the whole process to the client. The expectations are clear, and there are no surprises. The template also contains a section discussing breaks and meals and a copyright waiver clause.

Abby Photography

Abby Photography’s template is professional and easy to use. This template by Abby Photography uses the same language as a legally binding contract and specifies the type of photos the photographer will create. The document also contains a Timeline and Package Proofing section that allows the photographer to outline their services and deadlines for different stages of the wedding preparation.

Sharon Horton

This template allows for fill-in the blanks rather than a personalized proposal. The template allows the bride and groom to select when and where they would like you to be before and after the wedding. You will also receive your standard hourly rates and a photo CD.

Lucid Eyes Photography

This template is easy to use. Fill out the contact information and location, as well as the charges. This contract is perfect for those who want a simple contract.

Online form

You might also consider eschewing paper and opting for an online contract for your wedding photography. This form provides a great example of this: It includes fields for all contacts and venue information, and a timeline for the ceremony.

You will need a WordPress website and the WPForms plugin to create an online contract/booking form for wedding photography.

To create forms and sign boxes, you can also useĀ DocuSign.

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