Three Tips to Instantly Improve Your Street Photo Game

YouTube, what’s the deal? Just got back from vacation, and I am quite excited to discuss this topic. The best way to take street photos is to go out and take them! But you don’t need to practice hard if you’re going to do it right. These simple rules are what I used to double the number of keepers instantly.

You’ve heard it many times. However, it would help if you had a solid foundation before breaking any rules. You don’t have to take amazing photos to break the rules. But if you want to make better compositions, you can learn how to do it subconsciously! Let’s get out there and practice!


You must always ensure that you are shooting the right subject! The viewer can easily see your subject. It is a relationship between your subject, the background and the figure. This principle is something you are experiencing every day as you read the text. You can have a dark figure against a light background or a light figure against a dark background. You can now focus your eyes on the image and let them rest. Now, close your eyes and look at the photo. Your eyes will try to find the strongest contrast in the photo, and you will eventually see if it is the main subject. It’s like transforming a three-dimensional subject into two. This principle will make your photos more readable and thus more enjoyable. This principle should be applied when framing your shot. Either wait for your subject to come into the background before framing or wait for the subject to enter. You can also “work the scene” by moving yourself and your camera around to adjust the background for the subject.


It is easy to avoid this mistake if you are aware of it and keep your eyes on it. Let’s now take a look at the photo. This should work in our case. Let’s now place her on a random background that I found. As you can see, there are already some mistakes in this picture. It is confusing, and it can ruin the composition. This background has the girl I copied. I can drag her around as much as I want. This is what you can do outside when you have a subject. Now, I want to move her to get rid of the kissing points. Now, I want to merge my subject with the background. It isn’t the best background because it looks like she is looking through her head. You can either use a different background for the field or blur the background using a low aperture. My goal was to overlap the background and my subject. It would help to concentrate on the background and the kissing and ensure that your subject is not stuck in the background. This mistake should be avoided if it is not intended. You can not only place your subject in the correct contrast area to make it easy to recognize, but you can also avoid kissing to avoid confusion. You will need to wait for your subject’s movement or “work the scene”. When touching, you must think about the subject and the background most often. However, the horizon is what you should be looking for.


You must control the edges of your frame. You may think, Martin, I can always crop it. Yes, but no. Let’s pretend that you aren’t like the street photographer who never crops photos. You are heavily cropping any picture you have. This might not be possible in all situations. If your subject is moving, it can cause a loss of quality. You also lose the ratio that you would like to print later. Street photography is fun. You don’t want to win the Olympics. The ultimate goal is not always to take the best photo. It’s important to learn how to do this. It’s not about creating the most beautiful picture. Even though it is not always possible, you can still try to look around the frame. As we know it, the edge flicker is when something isn’t needed in your picture. A similar phenomenon is when you remove something that is supposed to be there. It could be a leg, arm, or head. It doesn’t have to be intentional. An edge flicker can ruin your photo and distract you from the subject. There will always be exceptions, and principles should not always be followed. To break the rules, you must first have a solid foundation to know what you are doing. Do not settle for just enough – or just fine! Never settle for less than perfection.

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