Tips for shooting a themed wedding

Is it possible to see how themed wedding photography is different from traditional wedding photography? It is common to shoot themed weddings these days. Knowing how to do them will help you get more work. These 7 tips will help you shoot a themed wedding like a professional.

It can be fun to work closely with a client who dreams about a high-end theme wedding. You can choose from various themes, including country and beach-themed weddings or action or fantasy movie themes. The bride and groom expect much more from you because planning and detail go into themed weddings. You will need to take amazing photos and make the most out of the day they have worked so hard to create.

These are 7 tips to help you shoot a themed wedding.

Meet the Wedding Planner

A planner should help you plan themed weddings. It’s a great idea to meet with the wedding planner to discuss the placement of equipment and cameras.

A full video shoot could be arranged of the themed wedding set from all angles to capture every moment.

Behind the scenes

You can capture the scenes while the wedding planner sets up the theme and create teaser videos by taking short video clips.

These teasers will bring laughter and smiles to your client and other viewers. You can also use it to promote your photography on social networks.

Professional Support

It won’t make sense to photograph elaborate themes of weddings alone or with only one assistant. To cover every aspect of the wedding theme, you will need to hire a team of professional photographers.

There is so much you need to capture on your wedding day. So that your clients are happy with your photos, make sure you capture every detail.

We recommend you exchange your services with other professional photographers to save money. You help them in their shoot, and they help you in mine.

Photos of the Dresses

A themed wedding makes clothes even more important. To have a great shoot, you’ll need to be able to move around the wedding set and follow the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

For the photographs, you can suggest poses for the couple to be posed with their friends and family.

Not too much flash

You’ll be taking many photographers along with you, so you will need a lot of flash stands, flash strobes and cameras with built-in flash.

Placement is very important to ensure that the team captures all shots without disturbing the theme moments of the wedding for the couple.

Make sure you capture every important detail.

Every detail is important at a themed wedding. Your photographer team must work hard to capture your couple’s wedding theme.

You have many creative poses and props to use at themed weddings. Make the most of your wedding set to capture amazing photos.

Additional Photos

Although posed shots are an important part of your job, it is recommended that you also capture candid or natural wedding photos.

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