Top Ten Art Trends For 2022

Art trends change over time, just like our food, fashion, and interior design tastes. The heart of artistic expression is the constant quest for novelty and originality.

Art trends through history

Trends like art movements change frequently. Trends in the art are more consumer-driven than an art movement driven only by ideals. There are many types of art in the world. Everyone has their preferences and tastes. But, curators, collectors and consumers often influence which art styles will be popular.

Influential genres like impressionism and pop art have almost sprung up out of nowhere to be the dominant artistic style in a particular period. However, a new trend will eventually emerge, replacing contemporary artworks. As the Neoclassical period shows, some art trends, such as classical architecture, can be revived hundreds of years later. Social and political changes can often accompany art trends.

The trend towards immersive, experiential art has been growing over the past decade, thanks to millennials who value experiences more than possessions. This trend drove the popularity of artists such as Yayoi Kusama or Ai Wei Wei.

Street art and graffiti are both old-fashioned forms of street art. However, they have seen increased popularity in the last decade. It is expected that street artists will continue to create street art on canvas or move into commercial spaces.

2022, after two years of global turmoil, will be an exciting year in the art world. It will build on the recent trends of digitization that we have witnessed over the past 18 months. Crypto art trends will continue to rise in popularity. In the aftermath of the pandemic, immersive in-person experiences and other art trends could be lost. These are the top ten emerging art trends for 2022.

These are the Ten Art Trends You Need to Watch Out For In 2022

Virtual Art Events

Covid-19 has given virtual art a huge boost. Virtual art events were born out of necessity. They have evolved and become more sophisticated to allow artists to reach a wider audience even when most people are unable or unwillingly unable to travel.

Online platforms have been used by museums, galleries, and art festivals like Burning Man to create virtual artistic experiences. These events can be accessed digitally so that audiences can access them from anywhere in the world.

3D Motion Graphic Design

Digital isn’t just for your phone or computer. As technology allows us to enjoy art at home, 3D art and motion graphics are rising. Vadim Soloviov, an artist who uses 3D motion graphics outdoors to create digital outdoor exhibits, introduces a new definition of street art.

Crypto Art

The popularity of crypto art is growing in the digital age. Many landmark moments were witnessed by crypto artists in 2021, including record sales and increased awareness about NFTs. As mainstream artists adopt crypto art, the popularity will grow even more in 2022.

Street Art

Since the last decade, street art has become a wildly popular trend. Eduardo Kobra and Banksy are just a few of the many household names that have made street art a huge hit. Street art has seen a rise in popularity and importance due to political turmoil and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even during a pandemic, street artists capture the mood, often with tributes to healthcare workers. Other artworks ask for sympathy or implore, like ” Hope Dealer,” a yellow warning mural that warns: ‘Cancel plans. Corie Mattie, an LA artist, created Not Humanity. Street art galleries emerged as one of the most popular forms of artwork as people increasingly interact outdoors.

Art Outdoors

Art outdoors, including street art, crypto art and outdoor activations, is part of a larger trend that places art in unusual spaces. Art outdoors is a broad movement to democratize art by presenting it in unique and innovative places. It is important to show art in places not part of an establishment, regardless of medium.

Nature appreciation

Many 2022 art trends focus on technology, but a counter-trend focuses on nature-focused artworks. To escape the stresses of urban life, nature has been a common theme in art. Artists want to reconnect with nature and provide a sense of escape from the stresses of modern city life. Others use nature themes to reflect on the global climate crisis.

Contemporary African Art

Art trends often focus on particular regions. Europe was the centre of innovation for centuries, followed closely by America and Asia. It is now the right time for African art and culture to shine. Digital technology allows African artists to reach new audiences and showcase the innovation and talent that African art has.

Neon at Home

Neon is often associated with Times Square or Las Vegas Strip. It’s not your living room or bedroom. For the past few years, artists such as Tracey Emin and Jung Lee have driven a demand for bright neon artworks. As neon artworks become more mainstream, the trend is shifting from the gallery to our walls.

The Memphis Revival

The revival of Memphis art is another bold trend that has been embraced by neon. This vibrant geometric style of art was first seen in the 1980s. It is now making a comeback in interiors and fashion.

Art and Science Combine

Scientists and artists are both tackling issues such as climate change. Artists can discuss complex scientific issues through artistic means and bring them to new audiences. TBA21 Academy, an environmental institution, has commissioned research-intensive artworks to illustrate its scientific endeavours.


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