Unusual Wedding Photography Ideas for Couples

Here are some ideas to help you choose the right pose for your next wedding photography shoot. It’s more than choosing the perfect lighting and setting the scene. It’s about choosing the right pose. 

Unique Wedding Photography Pose Ideas

“Blind Folded By Her”, Wedding Photography Pose

This is an old tradition that the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress before the big day. Make your client’s wedding photos special by having the bride cover the eyes of the groom just before the big reveal. This is a great way to start a wedding photoshoot. It can also help you tell a story with the next shots.

The First Look

You have to be there to capture the first look. You should capture the groom’s first glance at his bride wearing her wedding dress! This shot can be taken in private if the couple consents.

“Lying in the grass” wedding photography pose

A birds-ey view of the couple lying on the grass is a fun and unique way to capture a spring or summer ceremony. With their eyes closed, place your couple together with their heads facing each other. Ask the bride to touch the face of the groom with her hand.

First dance together

The first moments of a couple are crucial. You should remember as many of your “firsts” as possible!

The couple’s first dance usually takes place at the reception. However, you can have them practice it during their photoshoot. This precious moment will be a great memory to add to their wedding album.

If the venue allows, one of these unique ideas for wedding photography is to capture the moment from a balcony above the couple.

Wide Angle Drama

Take the couple outside to capture a dramatic shot. Depending on the couple’s location, you can stage the photo anywhere you like, including in the woods, fields, or desert.

Your couple should stand in front of each other and hold hands. To make them feel relaxed and natural, ask them to speak to one another. Then, take your wide-angle shot.

The shot is better taken from a distance, so be aware. Remember to follow the rule of thirds.

The Hand Kiss

Ask the groom to kiss your bride for a sweet, fairytale-like shot. This touching gesture is a wonderful addition to any wedding album. It speaks volumes about the relationship between the couple.

The Forehead Kiss

This is a great pose to help couples relax if they have difficulty relaxing.

A forehead kiss, similar to a kiss on the cheek, will be sweet and help you couple connect during your photoshoot. Ask the groom to wrap his arms around her from behind and then suggest that they kiss her temple.

This photo should show the bride and groom glowing and confident in their poses.

The Relaxed Gaze

A great wedding photoshoot involves capturing the bride and groom in their intimate moments on their big day. You can capture their relaxed, natural gaze in a photo.

The couple should sit down together casually. The groom could be asked to place his arm on one side or extend his legs in front of him. Have the bride sit down next to him. You can have them interact with props or chat while taking photos of their affections.

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